Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

"""Welcome to visit sylcu-mall.com (hereinafter referred to as ""this website"").

This agreement is a contract between you and us regarding the services of this website and other related matters. After you click ""I have read and agree"", this agreement constitutes a binding legal document for both parties. Before you use the services of this website, please read this agreement carefully. If you do not agree with this agreement or any of its contents, you should stop using the services of this website immediately. If you use the services of this website, your use behavior will be regarded as an acceptance of the entire content of this agreement.

At the same time, we remind you to read our ""Privacy Policy"" carefully


1. Confirmation of terms of service


1. The content of this agreement includes the text of the agreement and all kinds of rules that have been published or may be published in the future on this website. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of the agreement. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any services provided by us and our affiliates are governed by this Agreement. You confirm that the terms of this agreement are contracts that deal with the rights and obligations of both parties and are always valid, unless otherwise mandatory by law or otherwise specially agreed by both parties.

2. If you click to agree to this agreement, you are deemed to have confirmed that you have the corresponding rights and behavioral capabilities to enjoy the services of this website, order shopping, etc., and be able to independently assume legal responsibilities.

3. If you are under the age of 18, it is recommended that you ask your guardian to read this agreement carefully, and use the services of this website or provide information to this website with the consent of your guardian. If you carry out a civil act that is inconsistent with your civil capacity without the consent of your guardian, you and your guardian shall bear all legal consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law.

4. We reserve the right to refuse service, close user accounts, clear or edit content, cancel orders, etc. at our sole discretion within the scope permitted by current laws.


2. Service usage specifications


1. This agreement is formulated in accordance with relevant UK laws, regulations and rules, and you agree to strictly abide by the following obligations:

(1) The following information shall not be produced, reproduced, published or disseminated on this website or by using our services: those that violate laws and administrative regulations; those that endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power, and undermine national unity; interests; inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity; undermining state religious policies, advocating cults and feudal superstitions; spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability; spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or Instigating crime; insulting or slandering others, infringing intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, or other legitimate rights and interests of others; inciting illegal assemblies, associations, parades, demonstrations, gatherings to disrupt social order; activities in the name of illegal civil organizations; containing legal , other content prohibited by administrative regulations.

(2) The transmission of data information must comply with relevant laws and regulations.

(3) Do not use this website to engage in money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information and other illegal and criminal activities.

(4) It shall not interfere with the normal operation of this website, and shall not invade this website and the national computer information system.

(5) Do not instigate others to engage in acts prohibited by this article.

(6) The account registered on this website shall not be used for profit-making business activities.


2. We have the right to delete all kinds of information content on this website that do not comply with laws, regulations and policies, violate public order and good morals, are untrue, and have expired without further notice to you. If you violate the provisions of this agreement, this website has the right to make an independent judgment and take measures such as suspending or closing your account. You are legally responsible for what you say and do on this website.


3. Product information


The commodity price, quantity, availability, shelf time and other commodity information on this website may change at any time without prior notice. Due to the huge amount of commodity information on the website, although we will do our best to make the commodity information you browse more accurate, the information displayed on this website may be delayed due to objective reasons such as well-known Internet technical factors. or error, you know and understand this situation; this website welcomes error correction.


4. Order


1. When you place an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size, contact address, telephone, consignee and other information of the purchased goods. If the consignee is inconsistent with you, the consignee's actions and expressions of intent shall be regarded as yours, and you shall be jointly and severally liable for the legal consequences of the consignee's actions and expressions of intent.

2. Unless otherwise mandatory by law, the two parties agree as follows: The information on commodities and prices displayed on this website is only the release of transaction information of commodity sellers. Payment method, consignee, contact information, ID card information, delivery address, etc.; the order information generated by the system is the data automatically generated by the computer information system according to the content you fill in, and it is only the transaction request you send to the commodity seller ; When your payment is successful, you will be deemed to have established a transaction relationship with the commodity seller. You can log in to your account registered on this website at any time to check the status of your order.

3. Due to market changes and various factors that are difficult to control with reasonable commercial efforts, we do not guarantee that the goods you wish to purchase in the order information you submit will be in stock; if the goods you intend to purchase are out of stock, we will directly Out of stock cut orders or out of stock cancellation processing.


5. Delivery


1. All delivery times listed on this website are for reference only. The calculation of the reference time is based on factors such as the inventory status of overseas commodity sellers, normal processing, customs clearance time, delivery time, and delivery location. out, we do not make any promises about the delivery time. Items you order on this site are shipped by us through a carrier. You confirm and agree that once we deliver the goods you ordered to the carrier, it means that you have signed a transportation agency agreement with the carrier, forming a legal relationship of transportation agency contract. Therefore, title to the item and risk of loss pass to you when we deliver it to the carrier.

2. The goods displayed on this website are all overseas, and the logistics and delivery time is slightly longer. If you confirm the order, it is deemed to accept the delivery method and time arrangement. If you have any questions, you can consult the customer service of this website at any time.

3. We are not responsible for delayed delivery due to the following circumstances:

(a) The information you provided is wrong, the address is not detailed, etc.;

(b) No one signs for the delivery of the goods after delivery, resulting in inability to deliver or delayed delivery;

(c) You violate the customs clearance policy and are returned or confiscated by the customs;

(d) You fail to submit on time or fail to submit customs clearance procedures, resulting in delays in the delivery of goods and detention;

(e) Caused by the carrier or a third party;

(f) Due to changing circumstances;

(g) Caused by force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden wars, etc."


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